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  • Bondage Board
    Bondage Board

    Trasforma qualsiasi spazio in un dungeon sessuale!

    154,01 EUR


Payments Options

- Can I pay for my order to receive it?

Orders are paid with any of the means we provide you, but always prior to preparation and submission.

- What payment methods do you accept?

We accept almost all credit cards and debit cards.

The insurance payment is processed by our bank located in France and Luxembourg. You can also pay your purchase by bank transfer.

- When making payment, it appears some reference of what I buy?

He never displayed any reference to products purchased in our store. On your bank statement you will see a position with a name that does not relate at all our store, the products we sell, the subject of the articles, nor carry any compromising word. No one knows the source of payment, or the reason for it, in any of the payment options.

-Is it safe to buy in this shop? purchases are 100% secure.

-Why safe?

Your order is safe because the input data are not processed by our store, but directly by the bank that issued your card through the payment platform of our bank.

A lighter mode, data are transmitted directly in an "encrypted" the issuer of your card so that they can not be intercepted on the network or used by anyone fraudulently.

We have no access to such data, not try, or store any card data.

Do not hesitate and place your order. Now you are known to be 100% secure ordering.