Your purchase in our store is absolutely discreet start to finish, because we know that discretion is paramount to our customers. Therefore below we detail step by step throughout the buying process following your order, and as we care to detail each of them to maintain at all times the strictest confidence.


In primarily care your discretion, and therefore any relationship that you have with our website will not be reflected in any place or never receive publicity of any kind, except for newsletters that we send by e-mail, and which you can unsubscribe if you wish. The data you provide us, are never shared with third parties.


As with your navigation through our pages, to buy from us we guarantee absolute discretion as to place an order, the information you provide will be completed booking and payment of the same, as well as sending , will lack any reference to the content of our pages, and nowhere will reflect the word, sex, sex shop, or the like.


By paying your card order will only appear as a reference a business name and the amount paid. (* See below information on the commercial name)

Your payment is never relate to our store, or sex items. Even your bank will know the real origin of the office, since they only * trade name that is not related to this site appears to them.


All ships with total reserve, sealed in opaque packages and a trade name as the sender *. The postal service, completely unaware of the content of the packets, and limited only to deliver it to the recipient. No one will ask what's in your shipment, nor will any customs control within the European Union. Outside the EU it depends on the laws of each country.


In the packages we have not sent any reference that relates to our business package and the contents in him, being yet completely unobtrusive.

* Clarification of the trade name The reflected in shipments and payments trade name is not registered anywhere, nor does it appear in Internet search engines, so that there is no way to relate this website, the items we sell, or the services we offer. (For the same reason neither mentioned here).


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