- How do you ship orders?
Orders are shipped in boxes or opaque sealed envelopes without external references and without any identification that relates its contents. (For details, see next section)

 - For deliveries not words that relate its content appear?

Nowhere the words appear: deplacer.com, sex shop, sex, gay or anything. The sender of the shipments contained only a commercial name* that has nothing to do with this store or the products we sell here, and as the return address contained a PO BOX, without other references that may relate to this web or products we sell.

*On the trade name: Commercial name on deliveries and payments is not registered anywhere, nor does it appear in Internet search engines so that there is no way to link the shipments, nor charge card with that name (For the same reason neither mentioned here).


- How do I pay my order?

You can pay for your purchase in a totally secure way with a credit card, debit card, bank deposit via transfer, through the wise.com payment platform, or even with bitcoins.


 - Who carries my order?

All orders from Europe and the Rest of the World are sent from Germany by Deutsche Post (Germany), or from other warehouses in Europe by Correos (Spain) or LaPoste (France), using the most convenient shipping method for each warehouse, regardless of the option chosen at the time of purchase.

 - How long does it take my order?

The average delivery time for orders is 4-7 days for Europe and 10-14 days for the rest of the world since leaving our warehouse (*). In some cases the deadlines may vary by stock issues or causes beyond our control. In any case, we always notify you of the delay and the approximate delivery times.

- And if there is nobody in my home when they come to get me the order?

The postal delivery service of your country will be the one who will take the order to your home and deliver it by hand, but if you are absent or the owner of the purchase is not found, it will leave you a notice so that you can pick up the package at the post office in your area. To collect the order at your address, the person who owns the shipment must be present and sign for receipt, unless you have opted for the Free Shipping * promotion. THE ORDER WILL NEVER BE LEFT IN A MAILBOX, it is always delivered by hand.

It is very important to give us one phone number because not reach you if you will be called to arrange new delivery date.


- If I make a purchase advertising will be sent to my home?

We never send any type of print advertising, or similar. Ever you receive anything at home, except orders to do. For we will contact you via your e-mail, or phone if you authorize it. The only advertising medium that we use is email, where you regularly send information on our news and offers, but still, you yourself can unsubscribe to stop receiving such information.

- Can I buy if I live abroad?

Of course yes, Europe sell to all countries without exception. You can choose your language, see prices and make your purchase in the currency of your country by selecting your option in the menu bar at the top of the tent.

- If I do not have a credit card or debit card, also I can buy?

If you do not have a card or do not want to use it online, you always have the option of making the payment of your purchase by bank transfer, from the wise.com platform or with bitcoins.

- How long does it take my order if I live outside the European Union?

Any country outside the European Union orders slow in coming about 10-14 days*, depending on the postal service in each country.

- What assurance do I have that I will receive my order?

You have the most absolute guarantee, since we offer a serious and responsible service that guarantees the delivery of all orders. If for any reason the shipment is lost, we will re-ship your purchase at no cost. Always and under any circumstance, you will receive your order without exception.

- What if I do not get what I ordered or the item is defective?

If you get to receive a product that satisfies the request in your order, we will send the wrong item, and we will make the change immediately, taking charge of the costs of the new shipment. If the product is defective, you have a total guarantee for 3 months, replacing you the item for another in perfect condition and without additional costs for you.


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