These General Terms and Conditions apply to the sale of all items deplacer.com through its website to consumers, users or any other final destination.

The use by the customer of the services of the shop deplacer.com assume, in any case, adherence to the General Conditions of Contract as published by deplacer.com at the time of the purchase order. Therefore, it is desirable that the client read the General Conditions before proceeding to complete a purchase. Once finally selected items and acquiring the means of payment chosen, you automatically agree to the terms of the contract.

The presentation of items on the screen itself does not constitute an offer of sale itself that from a contractual point of view, but that is merely a showcase of items available deplacer.com.


I. Price

The applicable prices are those listed on the website on the date of the order.

The prices are detailed in each item include all applicable taxes. The amount of shipping is broken down into sub total before finalizing the order.

If you request an item that then not in stock, deplacer.com set as the final price for the same, the published at the time of purchase, even though subsequently the price of the item varies.

deplacer.com reserves the right to make, at any time and without notice, any changes it deems appropriate and can update, even daily, and prices depending on the innovations of the sector they belong

II. I Pay

Purchases are paid upon completion of the request for payment by credit card or debit card, or within 5 working days, according to the payment option selected. We do not offer the payment system on delivery.

The purchases will be paid by the customer to select the medium according to the options offered, and will be handled as follows:

Card payment: The order is processed within 24 hours after purchase, prior charge the same amount on the card provided by the customer.

Payment by bank transfer or deposit: The order is processed within 24 hours after receipt of payment.

The deadlines are not weekends or holidays are counted, and take value from the next business day.

At any time before definitely confirming the purchase, the customer can go back page and your order will be ineffective. If you have already confirmed her purchase (you received an e-mail where the items purchased are listed), and a maximum of 24 hrs., the customer must contact deplacer.com (Customer) and give the following data to annul:

- Name of person making the request
- Date Order
- Customer identifier number
- Order number

Without these data it will not be possible to cancel the order.

The order will be canceled within 48 hours of receiving your request, without producing costs. In case the order has been paid by credit card, the amount paid on the same card used to purchase up to a maximum period of 30 days from the cancellation will be credited.

III. Delivery

Delivery will be made in the direction indicated by the customer, which can be different from their habitual residence, and can be also sent to your workplace or to a third person who wants to make a gift. In any of the cases the identification of the buyer or the person to whom the item is directed by an official identification document (identity card, passport, residence permit, driving license) and recipient's signature is required.

The delivery of the item to be fixed on the page will merely indicative. However, deplacer.com shall endeavor to respect this deadline will not be liable in case of exceeding the initially estimated period of 15 working days. In the event that any of the ordered items is not available, your order deplacer.com manage the shortest possible time, and be provided in the terms and conditions outlined in Terms of Deliveries, Terms and Returns. In the event that the items ordered will find definitely exhausted through no fault of our will, the customer can replace the other items of similar value, without causing additional costs. Also deplacer.com responsible for the description of the items on the page, except for typographical errors.

When ordering more than one item, in which one (s) of the item was not in stock, you can make two types of shipping, if the company considers it appropriate. A single shipment to be held when all items are available; or one, two, or more shipments, the items available. In the latter case the customer will pay only the cost of the first shipment, deplacer.com liable for the cost of subsequent shipments.

In the event that a consignment is not picked up by a client, and causes attributable to this, they may make as many shipments as needed, (once I received the first returned shipment or confirmation of the postal service in the same It got lost or was not delivered), and costs arising from these shipments the customer must pay, payment in our store.

Purchases by quantity:

Purchases of more than 20 units of the same category, of the same brand, or of the same item, are considered sales by quantity and a 30-day preparation period applies. Shipping times are the same as for any purchase. Check shipping deadlines in the "Shipments-Returns" section.

IV. Return

Because the items offered in our shop are intimate, or likely to be copied use, you can not make any return items purchased.

Only defective item returns will be accepted within thirty (30) working days of receipt, it will be replaced with the same, without additional charges to the customer. In this case the items must be sent by registered parcel, taking over customer spending caused by such return shipping. (We do not accept damaged items changes caused by the customer).

The customer must send the defective items by certified postal parcel with a tracking number, and once received and verified that the defects are attributable to our company, they will be replaced by others in perfect condition. Should defective items were not in stock at the time of the return, you can select other items with similar price for replacement, or wait for the return of the same.

V. Conditions for custom orders

Items not available in our online catalog, and charge upon request.

Requests for items "on demand" can not be canceled once confirmed, accepting the terms of sale by an email from the customer's account. These orders will be paid in full before placing the order to our suppliers, and because of the special characteristics of items ordered, these can be served in several partial shipments, the full time of purchase. If delivery is made in this way, transport costs will be charged only once, and for a single shipment, and others, regardless of the amount, shall be borne by the company.


I. Anonymous browsing through Web pages.

deplacer.com, only obtains and retains the following information about visitors to our Web:

a) The date and time you access our Web
b) The number of daily visitors to each section

The information collected is completely anonymous and can never be associated with a specific user.

II. Navigation with cookies.

We do not use cookies on our website, except for the option of recognizing a user who willingly choose to enable or disable these cookies when accessing your account.

III. Treatment of personal data.

According to the current legislation on data protection, deplacer.com is committed to fulfilling its obligation of secrecy of personal data and its duty to keep them confidential, and shall, for this purpose, the necessary measures to prevent alteration, loss, or unauthorized, taking into consideration the current state of technology access.

The customer accepts that personal data provided at the time of subscription deplacer.com be incorporated into an automated file whose ownership belongs to deplacer.com, in order to keep you informed about new items and special offers related to deplacer.com. The data provided in the order form will be equally incorporated into an automated file created by deplacer.com in order to provide better service to the established business relationship with the customer.

The client, in any case, the veracity of the data provided, deplacer.com the right to deny service to any user who has provided false data, without prejudice to other actions stipulated by law.

Finally we inform the customer that he is guaranteed the right of access, modification, opposition and cancellation which can be exercised by request via our Customer Service.

It is understood that the client accepts the conditions and pay all required consents at the time of ordering.


deplacer.com, it owns all rights to intellectual property www.deplacer.com the web page, and the elements contained therein, except for the rights that are not owned by the company and belonging to their respective owners, and as such, are recognized by deplacer.com.

Violation of any of these rights may constitute a violation of these provisions as well as a punishable offense under the Penal Code.


Except as expressly provided in this site or any deplacer.com, nor any of its directors, employees or other representatives shall be liable to claims for damages arising out of or relating to the use of this site damages. This limitation of liability should be understood in the broader sense, that extends to any kind of damage, including (but not restricted only to them) compensatory damages, direct, indirect or consequential loss of data or revenue, profit loss, loss and damage to property and claims of third parties.


We disclaim all liability in the event that manufacturers make changes, updates, or corrections in the items displayed here, as well as their packaging, provided that such actions are not detrimental to the purpose for which the item is intended.

Because it is occasionally possible for photos that advertise a item is not fully correspond with the item received.


The contract and the General Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of United Kingdoms e-commerce.

Last Review: September 5, 2020
These conditions may be modified without notice.

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